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Our Passion Is Insurance

Bottom Line Benefits excel in our passion by integrating our knowledge, experience, cutting-edge ideas
and market research to bring solutions to you that are understandable, sensible, quality and cost effective.

Group Benefits

Whether you are a fully trained HR and Benefits professional, or have been handed the task for the first time ever, our team is here to support you and provide effective processes to ensure your success.

Supplemental Insurance

Affordable Temporary Insurance gives you coverage during life transitions when you can’t afford to go without coverage. Unexpected illnesses and accidents happen every day and the resulting medical bills can be disastrous.

Individual Family Medical

Individual health insurance policies enable you to negotiate certain provisions included or excluded (such as deductible amount and co-payment percentage) as a way to enhance benefits or lower your premium to meet most any budget. 

Life Insurance

There are many varieties of life insurance. Our Level Premium Term Life Insurance is the best and most cost effective tool in a financial plan, to insure your financial obligations while you focus on building a fully-funded emergency fund, eliminating debt and building long term wealth through high quality investment strategies.


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